Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Web-design team!

HUGE breakthrough on our website project this week-- it's being created! Last week, I spoke with Vasily about getting the ball rolling. He finally had some free time to devote to the site and wanted to bring in a couple other programmers to help. The more the merrier! I searched through hundreds of templates for a homepage like we wanted, I wrote out step-by-step requirements for the designer, and now all we need is someone to build it.

Yesterday, the team began work in the CAMED office. I lent Vasily my computer to use, so we have 3 guys working at one time. I took some pictures today. They didn't really want to pose for them, and they aren't patient enough to wait for my camera to recharge the flash. So, here is what they look like most of the time.

Vasily is our chief architect. He programs and teaches programming for a living. He's in his early 20's and is a Believer. We've been talking with him about this from Day 1. Notice the cup of coffee with separate cup of sugar. Every programmer needs his coffee.

This is Dima and Sasha (notice the cool faux-hawk). They are 17, and are not yet known believers. I don't know much about them, they don't seem to speak much Russian, only Romanian and a wide English vocabulary of programming terms. I know that Vasily is their teacher and mentor. I suggested that we come up with a team name, but Vasily told me they already have one and it's secret until they build the site good enough to publicly put their name on it.

I'm very thankful for the work they're volunteering to do. Please pray for them! Pray that this site would glorify God, and that they'd come to know Christ personally!


Matt McKee said...

Congrats on a web team. This is awesome. I can't wait to see what they come up with.

Ryan said...


Henrik said...

Thanks for the insights! I do look forward to hearing how the web project turned out.

Best wishes