Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fall Back?! They do that here?! (Joni)

Today was the day that Moldova's time changed for the winter season. We "spring forward" and "fall back" the same way America does, although on a slightly different schedule. (At least that's what I hear - did America fall back a couple weeks ago?) This, however, never even crossed my mind. I forgot completely about the existence of any such thing as Daylight Savings Time. In the States, everybody makes such a big deal about it, that it's almost impossible to forget it. Here, I did not hear one tiny little word about it - completely oblivious.

So I had arranged to catch my usual ride to church with Ghena and Alina this morning, and I was supposed to be at their house at 8:45. I purposefully arrived a few minutes late, because 8:45 Moldovan time is never earlier than 8:55 American time. :) However, I waited and waited outside their house, and they never came! I called and Alina wasn't answering her cell phone... So I waited until 9:05 and finally gave up and just went back home. I figured they had left me behind since I was late.

So I went back home, planning to just do my own house church. However, I got a call from Alina at 9:30. "Joni, I saw you called me earlier. We were still in bed. Did you not know that Moldova's time changed last night?!" Umm, nope. Yes, I was standing outside your house at 7:45 this morning. Yes, I did get out of bed at 6:45 this morning. ARGH! So I had just enough time to wash my breakfast dishes, change BACK into my church clothes, and go back to their house to get a ride a go to church.

As I was walking to their house, though, I prayed, "Lord, I am REALLY tired, and I know I won't be able to sit through a long Romanian service without getting too sleepy. Please, PLEASE let the sermon be in English today!" Isn't God so good?! Not only was the preacher visiting from Texas, so the sermon was indeed in English. But ALSO the choir sang their special music in English! The choir made up of Moldovans! Of all the church services I've been to, I've never heard a Moldovan choir sing in English. They sang "You Raise Me Up." The soloist did the verses and first chorus in Romanian, but then the last several choruses when the choir joined in, they sang in English. What a blessing to my soul! It brought tears to my eyes. I asked, and God answered more than I even imagined. What a good and kind God we have to show His marvelous love for me in that way!


Jessica said...

How discouraging to have missed an hour of sleep but how encouraging to be reminded that God notices you and cares for every detail in your life. I hope you got a nap.

JTapp said...

I checked last weekend and learned of the time change, but forgot to tell Joni and then forgot myself.

As quoted from Moldova Azi (news service):
"All the states of the European community switch to winter time on the last Sunday of October, at the proposal of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Clocks are set one hour backward of standard time to provide more daylight at the end of the working day during late fall, winter and early spring.

The regime of summer and winter time is economically efficient, since it allows saving electric power. Daylight saving time is the convention of advancing clocks so that afternoons have more daylight and mornings have less. Typically clocks are adjusted forward one hour near the start of spring and are adjusted backward in autumn. "

Mom said...

America falls back next weekend, so for this week you are 6 hours ahead of us instead of 7.

I'm glad you still made it to church and were so blessed!

Keith Walker said...

What a neat little way to answer to prayer. You're tired so the Molodvan choir sings "You Raise Me Up" in English.

Joni said...

I did get a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, sis, so it more than made up for the missed hour in the morning. :)