Friday, October 12, 2007

Brief Medical Update (Justin)

This morning, I picked up Joni's results of tests on several samples we carried to a clinic last weekend. The receptionist looked up her results on the computer printed out a piece of paper with various categories and places to check "present." There was nothing checked or written on the paper.

I asked "What am I supposed to do with this? There's nothing written on it."
The receptionist replied "So? Was there bacteria before?"
I replied "Yes, is there not now?"
Receptionist: "No, there's nothing now."
Me: "Okay... thanks."

So... we'll take that to mean that Joni is bacteria-free! I'm told that even in America it's pretty common for bacteria to show up in samples due to contamination in the lab. We're going to suppose that's what happened at the previous clinic. So, either it was a miracle due in large part to your prayers, or it was a false positive by the first lab's 2 tests. Either way, we're thankful!

The obstetrician was pleased with the news. So, the next step will be to do a blood test at the gastro clinic next week, then the obstetrician wants to see Joni again after we get the results.

What's up next for us?
Tomorrow brings the giant Wine Day festival. This is a huge Moldovan holiday, and we're not sure what to expect.
Sunday is City Day, where downtown will be mostly shut down and there will be craft vendors, food, concerts, dancing, fireworks, etc. Great times!

I hope to update you very soon on our website project here. I can say that work has gone slower than hoped and we hope to see it speeded up as soon as today. Enjoy your weekend!


Mom said...

Praise God!!! for the test results. Perhaps the bacteria had been in the "containers" you used to take the sample? We're praying for the blood tests next week.

Have fun at the Wine Festival and City Day. We look forward, as always, to seeing some pictures.

Ryan said...

WOOOHOOO!! Fantastic news!