Thursday, October 4, 2007

Medical Update (Thursday, Justin)

I got the info we needed from the OB this morning. She has referred us to a doctor who specializes in liver/gastrointestinal cases. The in-house doctor for the U.S. Embassy says she's the best for what we need. She speaks some English, well enough to feel that we won't need a translator tomorrow. It'll be a fun bilingual event. I've been memorizing organ names today, fun times. We also have to go to yet another clinic for another test, but we're lacking some info on the where/when for that. So, pray for us as we gather info!

Our problems are actually pretty small in comparison to the other medical problems we're seeing among friends and co-workers here. Ghena (my boss) has been out all week with a mysterious throat ailment. He's unable to eat solid foods at all, and the doctors have many concerns. Please pray for healing for him.

One of my co-worker's mother has also just been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, and it's been very hard on him and his family. She's not a believer, so pray for her as well.

The medical stuff has kept me from going to the office much. Our main project is behind schedule, and I am trying to find some ways to get it back on track. We're all sure that Satan is at work in all of the above. Wish I had happier news to blog about.

Thanks so much for your prayers and kind emails! We very much appreciate them!


Charity said...

praying! love y'all!

Keith Walker said...

Praying in San Antonio.

Andrew's Mommy said...

Praying in KY and we have our church praying hard, too. Love you all.

Kristy said...

Love ya'll and I'll certainly be keeping you in my prayers. Keep us posted!