Friday, October 12, 2007

Article about Moldova

I stumbled across this article in the Florida Baptist Witness yesterday.
"Moldova's churches hope in God, country."

The Moldova Baptist Union president has this quote:

Emigration likewise is the one of the biggest losses and challenges for churches, Ghiletchi says. Each month, a different leader or rising leader decides to emigrate.

"We baptize around 1,000 people every year, but we lose about 500 each year from our churches due to emigration," Ghiletchi says. "This issue greatly affects our churches, especially in the villages where there are no longer young people, just children and grandparents."

Baptists as well as other groups in Moldova are trying to find ways to provide opportunities and hope for the younger generation. Ghiletchi says he has stayed because he has hope in Moldova and God.

"If all the young leave, who will change the country?" Ghiletchi asks.

This article drives home the importance of the work of CAMED/Invest-Credit: Helping believers create jobs to keep the witness going and provide an economic base for Moldova to develop from. Every job that's created gives someone the opportunity to stay in Moldova, tithe to his/her church, and gives the potential for his/her company to grow to employ more people and witness to the community. Please email us if you're interested in how you can donate funds to create jobs for Moldovans.

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