Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Two Wonderful Years (Joni)

My sweet husband of two years bought me some lovely flowers yesterday for our anniversary. I cooked him dinner (I attempted to make my first pot roast in the oven... Not so good. Thankfully, he is understanding and kind and ate it anyway - just another reason I'm glad I married him!), and then we went out for dessert. We're learning that ice cream is our dessert of choice here in Moldova. We've been out twice now for other desserts - they sell cakey-type confections that look really good, but just don't taste quite right. For example, one of the things we tried last night had prunes in it! Um, ok. The other place we went, we're pretty certain that the confections we bought had been sitting in the display case for at least 3 years... The other thing that has us convinced that buying ice cream from the store and just eating it at home is the way to go is that the ice cream is SO GOOD here! You can buy Moldovan-made ice cream in these plastic tubes for just about $1.50 a liter. The ice cream here is nothing like the ice cream in the States - here it's really light and fluffy, almost like frozen whipped cream! My favorite so far is the chocolate chip!

I'll post a picture of the ice cream tubes soon, as well as a picture of our anniversary dinner! I just forgot to bring my camera cord to the office with me today, and we don't have internet access at home yet. Check back tomorrow, and hopefully I'll have some pictures posted for you!


Jill Campbell said...

Congratulations, Justin and Joni! That is just great! Are you, by chance, eating gelato? That stuff is amazing, but I've only had it in Europe and am not sure if it's in Moldova. Have a GREAT week!!! Love, The Campbells (Jill, Mickey, and Andrew!)

Mom said...

I can relate to your dessert dilemma. One of our first trips to a bakery in Poland we bought some delicious-looking cinnamon rolls, only to find out when we took our first bite that it was actually poppy seeds! Quite a let down. Ice cream became our dessert of choice, too. Remember that wonderful ice cream shop in the mall?

Happy Anniversary!! We love you.

Jessica said...

When Matt and I went to China, we thought we'd try a pastry for breakfast. We bought what we thought were danishes, turns out they had green beans in the center. That was a disappointment. We never found good ice cream in China, either. My advice: Eat only soup the locals are willing to describe to you. Love you!

JTapp said...

There's a French cafe here that sells real Gelato, but we have yet to try it as it's expensive. You can get delicious ice cream bars on any given corner for about 25 cents, so that's our preferred method.

And Joni's potroast was really good.
Our gas oven doesn't have a temperature setting, and we don't have a thermometer, so she basically just had to guess at how hot the oven was. She guessed correctly, and it was great.