Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Our Project (Justin)

Some of you know that we were brought here to specifically work on one project. We've now been given our marching orders.

The Moldovan Christian community is large with many churches all over the country. However, there is a lack of communication between believers and churches, no one seems to know what the other ones are doing. CAMED wants to change that (refreshing idea, eh?). Our job is to facilitate the creation of a website that will act as a sort of bulletin board system for the Christian community, particularly those in business.

The idea is simple: Suppose you want to find a plumber for your apartment, but you would prefer an honest Christian, and don't know who you can trust. You can call around and ask friends at church, but it would be faster just to go to a Christian website and see if there are any listed (like a "Shepherd's Guide" in the US). You see the plumbers's profile, and if anyone has used his services before and commented. Christians connecting with other Christians.

Suppose you're a Christian student wanting to rent a room in Chisinau but you'd like to find a Christian host family. This site will allow room seekers and renters to connect with each other.

The site will also be a place for churches to advertise events, post sermons, prayer requests, etc. so the whole community knows what everyone is doing.

I have very little web design or programming experience, so I won't be doing any of that. My task here is simply to help design the template, and to find local Christian programmers willing to help build such a site (for free). We've already lined up a company in Waco that has volunteered to host the site.

I had a great conversation today with a local programmer who thinks we can find some open-source modules using Joomla to do exactly what we need.

So, please pray for our project. Pray that we'll find willing Christian programmers familiar with PHP to help. Pray that the site will facilitate communication between believers here.

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Ken DV said...

As a publisher of "The Shepherd's Guide" in Canada( and therefore someone who also works to help connect Christians together, I would like to encourage you in your efforts there in Moldova. May the Christians there be also Spirit-led to connect better with each other, and let there be no spiritual or physical barriers in this effort to make it "the body of Christ" in the region.
God Bless.
Ken DeVries