Friday, July 6, 2007

Welcome! (Justin)

Welcome to our new blog home! We hope to keep you updated on our journey. Check out the info to the right of your screen about what we're doing.

Tomorrow, we pack up a U-Haul to leave Waco. The past few days have been filled with selling, donating, throwing away, and saying goodbyes.

Important info to pray for: Our visas and work permits. Joni and I both will not know the status of our work permits until we arrive in Moldova and go to the government ourselves. A typical visa is 3 months, but we will require 6 month visas for our work. Please pray that these come through! God is good!

What I've learned today: You really have to shop around to find a bank that offers a low percentage rate on international ATM transactions. Most of the large banks charge a flat fee (from $1.50-$4.00) plus 2-3% on the exchange conversion to make a foreign ATM withdrawal. This is critical, because we will be reliant on ATMs (and can only withdraw $200 at a time) and the fees pile up quickly. We don't want our donated funds just to go to banking fees! I think we finally found a bank today that offers a decent rate (Extraco).
I also learned it may be relatively easy for me to open a Eurodollar account in Chisinau.

We've been getting solid donor support so far, which is very encouraging. We're just over the halfway mark. Thanks to everyone who is supporting us! We feel very honored and humbled!

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Charles said...

Justin -

I am VERY interested in corresponding with you about your approaching venture. I am currently involved in the creation of a new ministry that will provide financial and technical support to organizations, both international and domestic, that are involved in Christian Microenterprise Development. You can contact me at I look forward to hearing from you!