Thursday, July 26, 2007

$2 well-spent!

Earlier this week Joni and I visited Mckay Books in Knoxville, East TN's version of Half Price Books. We always hit the used book stores to look for foreign-language stuff, and we'd been stalking a Romanian-English dictionary for her. To our amazement, there on the shelf was a little Travel Guide to Chisinau for just $2!

The travel guide has all the history of the city, maps, tourist attractions, information about restaurants, customs, etc. Basically everything we needed to learn more ourselves, and to show our families. I'd post a picture but can't find it listed anywhere online. Divine appointment on a bookshelf!

From the book, we've learned that Chisinau has 3 McDonald's. That makes it pretty civilized in my opinion.

Progress: Several very big answers to prayer! Looks like all the disputes with the travel company and internet company have been resolved favorably. We've also gotten a large amount of our donated funds transferred to our account. So, we bought our travel insurance today.

Looks like the Moldovan folks have found a suitable place for us to live: the guest house of a Christian family that is used to hosting foreigners.
So, we'll be able to do some of our own thing, and yet be interacting with a large family there as they try to include us on their things. I'm pretty happy with the setup.

Hope things are well with you all!

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Mom said...

Great news on all fronts! Can't wait to see you tomorrow and hear more about everything in person.