Saturday, July 21, 2007

More Travel, Praise, and More Frustrations (Justin)

Update: As of yesterday we are at $8,150! That's just $350 away from our goal of $8,500! Praise God, it's hard to believe! Since we'll actually be needing more than that, it'll be great to go over the $8,500 mark and know that we're going to not run out of funds while there.
Thanks to all who have given!

Praise God for the confirmation and for great friends and supporters. I hope to live up to what we've already attained (Philippians 3:16).

We've spent a week in Cincinnati and are now just outside Oak Ridge, TN visiting more family.

Frustrations: The well-known online travel company we booked our flights with have accidentally charged us additional fees. After a couple days on the phone with them, they agreed to reverse the charges. However, there is no sign of this on our bank account yet.

Similarly, the internet service we used in Waco was supposed to reverse charges for their last bill for us. Instead, they've decided to charge us again, even though we have canceled. These hits on our bank account make it difficult for us to close it or minimize it like we'd hoped. These things will be hard to deal with from Moldova, so I'm praying the hits quit coming.

Pray that I have patience and quit losing sleep over these issues. Hope everyone is doing well!


Ryan said...

Awesome news on the fundraising front though!!
if you need me to drop kick anyone in Waco let me know!!

JTapp said...

Heheh, thanks. Our infamous apartment complex actually mailed us our security deposit, so we were pretty happy about that.