Friday, July 13, 2007

On the road (Justin)

Hey everyone, just wanted to give an update on where we're at and what we're doing. We had a few days without internet and cellphone in rural Kentucky so today is the first time we've been able to get online for a while.

We made it to Kentucky just fine, everything was still in tact! Thanks to the Callahans for helping us tie everything down, and to the Striplings for giving us a place to sleep the night before we left Waco!

We spent a couple days at my parents' house, and now we're in Chicago visiting with Joni's immediate and extended family for the weekend. Sharing a hotel room with her parents this weekend.

Update: We finally have our plane tickets! After a several-day ordeal including several not-so-pleasant phone conversations with online ticket sellers we finally got our flights! Cost a bit over $2,000 for each of us, but we got the best deal we could.
We'll be leaving Cincinatti on August 1, and arriving in Chisinau, Moldova on August 2. We'll leave Chisinau on December 23 and arrive back in Cincy on Christmas Eve.

Please pray for our funding to come through. Last week, we were officially about 25% of the way through, with pledges of over 50% of our funding still yet to be deposited.

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shelly said...

Glad you guys made it safely!