Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Day Against Traffick

Tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer Against Human Trafficking in Moldova. This was organized by some international NGOs in cooperation with the various denominations here. I know some churches will have some prayer meetings and possibly sermons about the situation.
If you watch any documentary about sex trafficking you'll always see Moldova highlighted, as many of the women and children are trafficked into Romania, Bulgaria, Italy and other places for exploitation. (Apologies for previous email we sent stating this was a few weeks ago, we misunderstood the schedule in church that day). Ask yourself this Sunday: What am I doing about injustices like these? What is the Church doing?

Here are some numbers of significance (HT: Smitty at Cloud Chasing):

27 million slaves exist in our world today…in the year 2007. Slave trade generates $32 billion annually (it will soon overtake drugs and arms trafficking). MORE slaves are in bondage today than were bartered in 4 centuries on the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Each year 800,000 to 900,000 HUMAN BEINGS are bought or sold. Nearly 200,000 people live in slavery at this moment in the US…an additional 17,500 new victims are trafficked through out borders each year. Over 30,000 additional slaves are transported through the US on their way to other international destinations. 80% of trafficked persons are female; 50% are children. 1,000,000 children are FORCED to sell their bodies every day in their global sex trade.

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