Friday, December 7, 2007

Bah, humbug!

Here's a great article that says so much about life in Chisinau, Moldova. Installing the official Christmas tree requires agreement with both the city and national government, who don't talk to each other. Anyone who wants to take their own initiative will be arrested on site. :-)

"The central authorities do not forbid the installation of a Christmas tree in the National Assembly Square before December 25, Minister of Culture & Tourism Artur Cozma told Info-Prim Neo.

At the same time, Cozma said the central authorities were looking for “a live, big, beautiful and representative fir tree”, which would be erected in the Square at the end of December.

“What’s the hurry with the 25th of December?”, answered Cozma when asked to clarify whether the Government’s quest for a Christmas tree would end before that date. The Minister suggested, however, that most probably it will take quite a while. “When we find it, we will think how to bring it to Chisinau, how to install it…”, the official explained.

Earlier this week the Chisinau authorities expressed concern about the central authorities’ unwillingness to celebrate Christmas on December 25, like i n most places around the word, which could leave Chisinau’s central square without a Christmas tree on that date.

Chisinau Deputy Mayor Lucia Culev said there were instructions not to erect any Christmas trees in the Square and “anyone who disobeys will be picked up by police”.

Chisinau Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca said he will wait for the confirmation of these rumours, and if they happen to be true, “will seek alternatives for the winter holidays to start before December 30”. At the same time, the mayor stated that he is inclined to avoid any arguments with the central administration on this matter and rather seek to come to an agreement as to the preparations of the city for the holidays."

New Years is when people typically do their Christmas-like rituals. The Orthodox Church's Christmas (the Orthodox Church is supported by the central government) is actually January 7th, so that may play a part in the "what's the hurry?" statement.


Jessica said...

So, I guess they're wanting to stay true to the Orthodox holiday, rather than adopting the western tradition of December 25. Is that the reason for resistance?

JTapp said...

Maybe, and maybe just the struggle between the city gov't and national gov't.