Thursday, November 8, 2007

World Series Girls' Day (Joni)

I had an excellent adventure with some American girlfriends a couple weeks ago that I wanted to share with you! Tanya lives just down the street from us. She is from New York and a HUGE Boston Red Sox fan. So when the Red Sox were playing in the World Series, she would get up at 3:00 every morning to watch the live broadcast of the game on her TV! The night before the final game, Justin and I had a get-together at our house with Tanya, Kelly, and Shauna. Tanya was excitedly telling us about the next morning's game and how excited she was, and how she planned to make a big breakfast to celebrate the Sox' victory. Then she said "Well, why don't you all come over and watch the game with me, and we can do breakfast together!" Justin didn't really have much interest in getting up that early in the morning, but us girls thought it sounded like fun!

So Kelly and Shauna just spent the night at Tanya's house, and I arranged to arrive at Tanya's about 5:45. (The game started at like 2, but I wasn't really interested in watching the whole thing. I believe Tanya is the only one who got up and watched the whole game.) I arrived just before 6am, just in time to see the bottom of the ninth inning and the Sox win!!!! I can't imagine Tanya's neighbors were very thrilled with the shouting and clapping, but we sure were excited!In this picture is me, Kelly, Tanya, and Shauna. Tanya provided all the Red Sox shirts. We are all holding little plastic pumpkins, which is a tradition in Tanya's family to hold a pumpkin when you're nervous at the end of a game.

Then we made a delicious breakfast of pancakes (with real maple syrup that Tanya had someone bring to her from the States, and peanut butter!), scrambled eggs with tomatoes and cheese, Canadian bacon, muffins, and hot chai tea! YUM!!!!!!!!

We sat and talked til almost 11:00, when the other girls realized they had to get going for the day. It was such a blast, though, to do this fun thing with other Americans here in Chisinau! I'm very thankful for some girlfriends to talk to and have fun with here!

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Mom said...

How fun that you could celebrate an "American event" so far away from home. When we were in Poland, the girls on our team and I even went "Day-after-Thanksgiving" shopping! We keep our traditions as we can, huh?