Thursday, November 29, 2007

News Update (Justin)

1. Joni got her latest blood tests back today. Her bilirubin levels were great, everything was great. That should be her last blood test! Praise the Lord!

2. The final version of my project website's front page should be completed by tomorrow.

3. I've been given the task of helping create the official Invest-Credit website. This will mainly involve writing much of the content in English so they can translate it into Russian and Romanian. Here's a competitor's website, you can see how high the bar is for us (note at the top you can choose English an option. This organization receives a lot of funds from the Soros Foundation).

4. McDonalds now does home delivery here! I saw the sign on the way to the office today. I doubt that we'll be taking advantage of that, but I thought it was cool.

5. On Sunday, we're tentatively scheduled to take a day trip to Romania with Tanya. Another stamp for the passports!

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