Friday, September 14, 2007

Weekend Plans (Justin)

For those of you lamenting the lack of posts by Joni this week, fear not! We're nearing the end of our long saga to have internet at home, and then she'll be able to upload pictures and stories and such.

This weekend, we're going to the wedding of one of the employees here. It will be a long afternoon of ceremony, dancing, eating, and sitting around. Good news (for me) is that most of it will be in Russian.

Speaking of Russian, here's a NY Times article about how the growing Russian middle class has led to a boom in copying American middle class sitcoms like Married With Children and The Nanny. I watched some of the Married with Children clone while sitting in my office at Baylor. It's an exact copy.

Our meetings with Moldovans and American missionaries this week have been fun and educational! We're learning a lot about Moldovan life, and the wedding will hopefully add to that knowledge.


Jessica said...

Of all the shows to copy, they pick Married with Children and The Nanny? How embarrassing.

JTapp said...

Should be noted that they have many shows like Grey's Anatomy and others that are simply dubbed into Russian.